Latest update – 15th March 2020 Upon Arrival and entry to Care Home Policy (March 2020)


Dear Visitor –

We wish to update you on our response to Covid-19 (Coronavirus). Our priority is to always keep our residents, relatives and staff safe from the potential risk of contact with Covid-19.

Up to now, and in line with recommendations & advice from Public Health England, we have taken a range of steps including restricted visitation and requiring all visitors to our Home to wash their hands immediately on entry.

Whilst we cannot ever guarantee to prevent the Covid-19 Coronavirus from entering the Home, we can and will take what ever steps we can, however drastic it may appear, to reduce the risk of the spread of the virus as far as is realistically possible.

Now, reflecting the rapidly changing and fluid situation here in the UK and across the world, we have made the decision to take additional unprecedented steps to further strengthen our existing preventative measures.  Effective from Monday 16th March 2020, and until further notice, we will be stopping all regular resident visits by families, relatives, friends, children and colleagues, with the exception of “special circumstances”*, as outlined below.

The visitation ban will apply to everybody and anybody who under normal circumstances would visit the Home.

Please be reassured that the ban will not include community healthcare professionals who will continue to make visits when required or necessary, to ensure that all our residents continue to receive the medical care they need.

For those who do still and will continue to attend the Home (G.P.’s , District Nurses etc), everybody will be required to observe and adhere to the Home’s existing and preventative measures. This will now be a mandatory condition of entry to the Home.

These measures will include a non invasive body temperature check upon arrival, to be carried out by a member of our staff, as well as washing one’s hands and using the hand sanitizer gels located around the Home. It is obviously the choice of the visiting person whether he or she wish to allow us to perform a temperature check.  However, entry to the Home will not be permitted to ANY person who declines to participate in the procedures outlined above.

If a visitor needs to temporarily leave the building to go their car for example, during a visit, they will be required to repeat the same “on entry procedures”, when re-entering the Home.

Until further notice, all the usual community visits and events we host at Ravenswing Manor Care Home as well as outbound minibus trips for our residents will remain on hold.
Furthermore, all but absolutely essential and or emergency visits by external contractors will be stopped until further notice.

Please rest assured that routine internal safety checks will continue as normal and only where possible, necessary maintenance work will be carried out by our in house maintenance manager – Alan Barton.

Some may already be aware that the Home had previously scheduled works to upgrade the three lounges, starting on Monday 20th April. These works have also had to be put on hold until further notice.

“Special Circumstances”

Implementing these latest measures, is not a decision we have taken lightly, and we understand the distress it may cause.  In due course we may need to take additional steps. We will of course keep all residents, relatives and staff fully informed.

We are aware that there may be “unusual” or “special circumstances” surrounding a resident within the Home, for example where there may be serious health concerns or special occasions etc. Under these circumstances we (the Management), would have no intention to prevent families or relatives from visiting their loved ones.

Under such circumstances, we would ask that families or relatives to contact the Home Manager (Beverly Ramsey), and we will ensure, wherever possible, arrangements can be made for visits to proceed whilst maintaining minimal risk to the health of others within the Home. Such visits “may” involve visitors being required to wear additional personal protective equipment (PPE), whilst walking through communal areas. Visits may have to be conducted in the resident’s bedroom and as always, visitors will be expected to respect the current “on entry procedures”.

The Home is currently arranging for a Skype service to be set up so that where possible, families can stay in touch with their Loved Ones, through online media channels. We hope this will be up and running within the next few days. If anybody is interested in making use of this service, please contact Beverly Ramsey on 01254 207088.

At the moment we consider these steps to be a proportionate approach in order to do everything we can to keep everyone safe and our Home operating as normally as is possible given the current circumstances.  This is all about managing a potential risk that could go on for weeks or months.
Our overriding aim is to ensure everyone stays safe and our staff can continue to provide the excellent standard of care our residents and families expect and deserve.

In challenging times like these, we want people to be reassured that Ravenswing Homes Limited  is and will remain a safe haven for the delivery of quality care.

We will continue to follow the very best public health advice and update you in line with any changes to what we are doing.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Home Manager – Beverly Ramsey on 01254 207088.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience these restrictions may cause but trust you will understand and appreciate the importance of our actions.

We will endeavour to update our residents’ families on a regular basis via email.

We would ask that families also observe news updates and public information websites for further information about the virus and as the situation develops.

Finally, would you please share the Home’s updates and updated policy on visiting restrictions, with your families and colleagues who may have been planning to visit the Home in the near future.

Thank you in advance for your understanding, co-operation and continued support.

George Daniels

Ravenswing Homes Limited